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Sissi (Rossmix Please Me)

"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened."

  • Född: 1999.
  • Somnade in: 2011-12-28.
  • Namn: Rossmix Please Me (Sissi).
  • Kennel: Rossmix (Järlåsa, utanför Uppsala).
  • Ras: Golden Retriever.

Bilden är tagen i Juni, 2004.

Sissis Jultallrik, 2007

Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories.

Nyheter / News

Kvällslur, 2006-11-11

Are you still with me,
 my dear friend,
Though I no longer see you?
Are you still here on earth,
As you are in my heart?
I lie here and ponder,
It's desolately quiet around me.
Tears break out and fall,
With the thought of you.

An angel that was forgotten here,
Have now got his wings.
Where do you fly now, my angel?
Where do you fly now?

Are you flying through the pearly gates?
Or the end of the world?
Are you flying next to me?
Or am I all alone now?

Wherever you are now, my friend.
Wherever the road leads you.
Promise me you'll wait there,
Until I meet you.

I hope you're happy now.
As I was with you.
And the pain you've suffered,
I hope it's forgotten.

Fly freely, my dear friend.
You are free now.
And until we meet again,
Farewell, my angel.
(c) Jonas Bister